7 planning and productivity apps to help you stick to your work-from-home work schedule

Building a routine is hard. Sticking to a routine is harder. Sticking to a routine for six months while the world figures out how to deal with a global pandemic may seem near impossible. 

Thankfully, we have technology to help keep us on track. If working from home is starting to feel convoluted and messy, here are 7 apps that can help you structure your time. 

1. Microsoft To Do: 

This new iteration of Microsoft’s list app allows users to create interactive lists with more background functions. The app also allows for customized day planning, incorporating calendar functions. The To Do app can also suggest tasks.

2. Now Todo

The Now Todo app has a very user-friendly interface that helps users to focus on one task at a time. The app only allows you to look at one task at a time, rather than an entire list. The app also blocks out other notifications and settings on your phone while it’s in use – making it easier to focus.

3. AVE

The AVE app makes it easy to develop your skills, tasks, and priorities. And when you do, you’re rewarded with coupons and other discounts to lifestyle items. This app goes beyond task management. It gives users a concrete way to measure other personal development such as discipline and managing emotions.

4. Done: A Simple Habit Tracker

Done focuses on helping users create healthy habits and break unhealthy ones. The app keeps “streaks” or “chains” that tells you how many days in a row you’ve kept your goal and encourages you to keep going. The app also offers a daily journal section and the interface is customizable, making users eager to spend longer amounts of time on the app. It’s passcode/TouchID protected, so your habits start and end with you.

5. Focus – Time Management

Focus encourages users to stick to a strict focus schedule. For example, working for 25 minutes straight with no distractions, then a short break. After around four focus sessions, users take a 15-25 minute break. The app also comes with a task manager, and provides statistics on your progress.

6. Tappsk Daily Schedule Manager

The Tappsk app’s main goal is to eliminate your need for any other task/schedule/goal managing app. By conglomerating all of these functions into one app, users waste less time switching back and forth between multiple apps. With this app, you’re able to look at long-term goals and tasks in a calendar setting. 

7. Evernote

Evernote has all of the usual functions of a list app with a couple added calendar features. What sets this app apart is its ability to input scanned handwritten notes, and it’s ability to add photos, videos, webpages, or audio. Evernote can also be synced to all of your devices and is available online.