Ceramic Dishware Inspired by the Human Form

Bringing art and beauty to the ordinary parts of life, Seattle-based sculptor Adrien Miller combines sculpture and pottery to create dishware that explores the human form. Miller’s plates and bowls spark joy through the faces and bodies that protrude from their surface. With their expressive features and dynamic poses, Miller’s realistic art revisits early concepts of mimesis and Aristotle’s outlook on art imitating life and nature. Every face and body reflects the depth and complexity of the human condition, evoking an array of elaborate emotions.

As a sculptor by trade, Miller was first introduced to pottery when teaching a ceramics class. When a student wanted to make a plate on a wheel, Miller immersed himself into the world of pottery in order to better teach his students this side of ceramics he was unfamiliar with. Taking his background in figurative sculpture and newfound interest in pottery, Miller soon began making what he is now known for best. His hybrid creations start out as recycled clay scraps that Miller gets from other studios. After a one to two-week process of shaping, firing, and glazing, Miller shares his work on Instagram and sells the one-of-a-kind creations on his Etsy shop. His unique designs are bringing artistic expression to regular household items, making these days spent in lockdown a little brighter.