High Fashion for Dogs

It is no secret that dogs are a man’s best friend. For Rajeev Basu, his dog is not only his best friend but his creative inspiration. Basu, a New York-based creative director, creates high fashion dog wear inspired by his very sleepy Chihuahua Dachshund mix named Remi. After noticing that Remi got cold easily, Basu looked into buying coats for dogs but was faced with options that were too basic for his bold puppy. Soon after “Between Two Naps” was born, a collaboration between Basu and his wife, Kelly Miller, who is a fashion accessories designer. 

Named after Remi’s favourite activity, sleeping, “Between Two Naps” features fashion for the streets and the sheets. The collection brings a streetwear aesthetic to padded helmets and jackets intended to keep dogs warm and nap-ready. Inspired by brands such as OAMC and designers like Craig Green, Basu’s designs are sharp and sleek with a hint of humour. One helmet design, titled “Sleep Force 1”, is made of a pillowy white nylon ripstop covered in patches that remix popular brands and turns them into sleeping puns. 

Created with down alternative, up-cycled material, and luxury fabrics from France and Italy, Basu’s designs are handmade and one-of-a-kind. On occasion, Basu’s dog wear can be purchased on his website, but more often than not the items are sold out, proving it difficult for any puppy to be as stylish and comfortable as Remi.