Hannah Page’s Sourdough Creations

If you’ve picked up breadmaking as your pandemic activity this past year and are looking to take your bread to the next level, look no further. Hannah Page brings a whole new meaning to culinary art with her sourdough creations that will surely spark inspiration. Page is a self-taught baker who carves delicate and dainty designs into bread crust and makes floral landscapes with roasted vegetables and herbs.

There is no lack of imagination in her vibrant scenery. Fitting every colour of the rainbow on her dough canvas, Page uses uncommon ingredients such as taro powder to get the most vivid hues onto her work. Using bread lames and kitchen scissors, Page mostly creates her intricate designs without a plan, letting her instincts take the lead. Each loaf has a unique shape and pattern that is inspired by classic French scoring techniques.

Although baking is one of Page’s passions, it is not her main calling. Page is a full-time high school history teacher in North Carolina. Her students are arguably her biggest fans, devouring her edible art without remorse and giving her feedback for the next batch. Page sticks to making bread for friends and family, instead of turning her skills into a profitable side business. She finds comfort in having the activity as a calming pastime without any pressures tied to it. Nonetheless, her mouthwatering creations will have you daydreaming of flower fields and the French Countryside.