Will.i.am’s “Xupermask” Embraces the New Normal

Modern society has brought us smartphones, smartwatches, and even smart vehicles. Now, smart masks have been added to the list by Black Eyed Peas vocalist, Will.i.am. As a singer and entrepreneur, Will.i.am has teamed up with Honeywell, a software and technology provider that manufactures N95 masks, to create XUPERMASK, a product that combines streetwear and innovative technology. For the everyday superhero, XUPERMASK is designed to meet personal protective equipment (PPE) needs and requirements while incorporating high-tech audio engineering. 

As a mask, communication device, and entertainment device, XUPERMASK features ANC Bluetooth® 5.0 Earbuds that have an on/off noise cancellation mode, ambient sound mode, and a magnetic earbud docking system. Consumers can enjoy an immersive music experience and confidently breathe in clean air with an active fan HEPA system that has adjustable airflow controls and replaceable H12 HEPA filters. The mask has an adjustable head strap and rechargeable batteries that have a 7-hour battery life, ensuring practicality and luxury. Will.i.am created the mask in collaboration with Mexican-American costume designer Jose Fernandez. With his past in designing masks, garments, and helmets for the productions of Batman, Spiderman, Wonder Woman, and Black Panther, Fernandez was key to giving the mask that sleek yet striking superhero look. 

Having been integrated into our daily lives, masks are now a factor in creating an individual style. Will.i.am wants to normalize this idea and get people to see masks the way they see sneakers. At their core, sneakers are protective wear, but consumers see them as a staple component of fashion and streetwear. With the options of black or white with a pop of orange, the XUPERMASK is easing consumers into a new form of self-expression and opening the gates to a new market for protective wear in the fashion industry.