Taxi Fabric turns Drab Cabs into Colorful Creations

Sick of the dreary colors of your taxi cab seats on the way home from work?

With Taxi Fabric, a project created to provide a space for designers to show off their talent, the drab cabs turn into colorful creations. Based in Mumbai, the cabs often use vibrant colors on the outside to attract customers but they very rarely pay attention to your experience on the inside. The company found that providing a creative platform on this unused space can have a positive affect.

“Design, as a job or even simply something studied at school, is unfortunately not widely recognised in India. Older generations don’t understand it- design to them, just performs a function. Many people don’t know that design can create a real impact. With so few spaces for young people to show off their skills, it’s hard to change that perception.”

The organisation connects drivers with designers to offer a unique experience in the taxi. Next time you’re in Mumbai, your colorful taxi could be designed both inside and out.



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