Botanic creations by mother-daughter duo, Sister Golden

The mother-daughter duo named Sister Golden creates one-of-a-kind flower pieces. Each of the portraits, cards and other accessories are independently made with the accents of flowers. The colorful portraits feature figures like Frida Kahlo, Audrey Hepburn and mythical creatures. There is no glue or tape added to the botanic creations. Instead, the Sister Golden duo lets mother nature do all the work and keep the flowers balanced together to form the different figures. Both the mother and daughter will pay attention to the nature around them to use as possible inspiration for the next piece of art. Whether it is leaves that will make up the wisps of hair or flower petals to conceal a body, each portrait is given the same time and care to craft.  With the mixture of color and texture, the images pop off the page.

The inspiration for Sister Golden first started with mother Vicki’s introduction to art by her mother. She was encouraged to follow her creativity with drawing and painting leading her to go to a fine art school. When daughter Brooke was born she realized at a young age that she couldn’t draw. Instead, Brooke found that creativity could form in other ways besides placing a pencil on paper. She channeled her creativity in a different way, which eventually led to duo to creating their own boutique to sell their artwork.

Each piece is mean to display beauty, functionality and quality to be given as gifts or displayed in someone’s home.

FlowerHead_Web_grande DevaCurl_Web_grande Courage_web_7bd49b1e-fb8a-46f5-a71f-89ab364d35ab_grande Audrey1_web_grande

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