Body possession: Jovana Miadenovic’s new photography series

For a new project called ‘Section 136’, Jovana Miadenovic teamed up with bag designer Carolina Faria. The concept of the photography series is to capture the individual bags by using the nude body as inspiration. The textures and forms that the body can take mirror the designs of the different bags in the collection. These images capture moments of possession and fear in the way that the model is claiming the bag for her own. The skin of the model is an important and consistent ascetic in the photographs. With each bag featured, there is a collaboration between the texture of the bag against the texture of the human skin.

Jovana Miadenovic is a fashion, conceptiual and portrait photographer currently based in Serbia. Her works have been featured in many exhibits earning her awards like ‘Young Blood’ of Fashion and Art Magazine. She has been published in magazines like Elle, Faar and Best Shop.

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Image credit: Jovana Miadenovic