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Immersed in Water: Reisha Perlmutter’s new paintings

After experience with light and nature in her childhood, Reisha Perlmutter has used that inspiration in her new paintings. These paintings delve into her relationship with growing up around the presence of water. Reisha Perlmutter was born and raised in Naples, Florida, where she was constantly surrounded by water in her daily life. Her memories from the Gulf of Mexico and how the light bended across the water inspired her new series called “AQUA”. The overall feel of each painting in the series represents the weightlessness that one feels in the water. The way that Perlmutter is able to paint each of her subjects shows how both light and water can bend around a subject. There is an exuberant amount of details in each of her works, displaying the beauty and breathtaking nature of truly being immersed in water. Because of how reflective water can be, light is key in each of the paintings. Light becomes the life force in each of the paintings, capturing the true meaning of existence and the abstractness of time. Reisha Perlmutter describes her new series as her way to travel back into the magic that was her childhood. She uses color and light in each of her strokes to get the viewer to feel the sensation of water surrounding them.

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