Pulsating sculptures by Loris Cecchini

Milan-born artist Loris Cecchini combines photography, drawing, sculpture and installation to form a unified group of poetics. Using the wide range of media, Loris Cecchini fulfills his curiosity in the different fields and finds way to bring them all together. In his exhibit displays his combination of techniques titled ‘Wallwave Vibrations’. The title speaks for itself because each piece pushes out from the wall, showing the vibrations as if they were hit by a large sound wave or electromagnetic wave.

Loris Cecchini is known to incorporate elements of chemistry and groundbreaking technologies into his various works. He thinks this helps create no limit to the amount of creation he can achieve with his work. This is shown in his new exhibition that the artist refers to being ‘extruding bodies’. The concept of space is transformed to show the fragility as well as ability to conform the space into something of its own.

Each piece was first digitally produced before fabricated with a polyester resin applied to a flat surface. This helps the material transform the flat surface into something that ripples and waves with each piece. Loris Cecchini is always working to create some new piece of art. The use of the multiple mediums for his sculptures helps him to achieve this goal in ‘Wallwave Vibrations’.

LorisCecchiniSculptures13 LorisCecchiniSculptures12 LorisCecchiniSculptures7 LorisCecchiniSculptures1

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