Outside the Cube by OSGEMEOS

Renowned contemporary artists OSGEMEOS is creating their first ever mural, Efêmero. It will be presented on the walls of Milan, Italy’s Pirelli HangarBicocca. The mural will be part of a three-year project “Outside the Cube.” The project, curated by Cedar Lewisohn, involves fresh takes on public art and events to parallel each other throughout the three years.

OSGEMEOS, or “the twins,” is the name of brothers Fustave and Otávio Pandolfo from São Paulo. OSGEMEOS frequently works in a huge scale with characteristic color schemes and patterns. The industrial site of Pirelli HangarBicocca, now devoted to public art projects, became perfect for OSGEMEOS and other street artists. Incorporating the astounding architecture, the mural will transform the building. The artist’s project will take over the outer walls for one year, covering a thousand square meters.

In addition, a catalog will be designed by the artists exploring their history of architectural interventions like this one.

IMAGE 08 OSGEMEOS Giants Vancouver 2014IMAGE 11 OSGEMEOS Wholetrain 2005 IMAGE 10 OSGEMEOS Giant Minsk 2015 IMAGE 09 OSGEMEOS Giants Vancouver Biennale 2014 detailIMAGE 07 OSGEMEOS Giants Vancouver Biennale 2014IMAGE 06 OSGEMEOS Giant Boston 2012 IMAGE 05 OSGEMEOS portrait Martha Cooper 2015 IMAGE 04 OSGEMEOS Giant 2009 IMAGE 03 OSGEMEOS Kelburn Castle 2007 IMAGE 02 OSGEMEOS Fermata 2011 IMAGE 01 OSGEMEOS Art in the Streets 2011

All artwork by OSGEMEOS: http://www.osgemeos.com.br/en