Distortion of the natural body in Lovis Ostenrik’s photography

The body is treated as a sculpture in Lovis Ostenrik’s photography series titled ‘Vexconcav’. The German-based artist works with different positions of the body to show multiple contours and shapes. Each photograph shows minimalism in the design, but the angle is key to show the shape of the body in different viewpoints. Lovis Ostenrik captures the natural angles of the human body while being contoured into multiple angles. Viewers can follow the movement and limbs of each of the pictures by the way that the light hits every shot. There is no key component that points to gender or facial features of the model. Instead the focus is set completely on the natural ways a human body can bend and be captured in the frame of a photograph. Sex and beauty features play no part into the importance of each shot.

As a photographer, Lovis Ostenrik states that he is interested in “blurring the lines, distorting visual reality, in order to arrive at a deeper reality and meaning of life”.  He is able to distort the perception of the human body in ‘Vexconcav’ with the different lines and angles created in each of the photographs. He is using his camera to take away the perceptions of the human body when it comes to sexuality and nudity. He wants his different photography series create conversations regarding political and social subjects. Instead of adopting a specific viewpoint about what he wants for his viewers, though, he is looking for engagement from involving their own opinions.

LovisOstenrik3 LovisOstenrik7 LovisOstenrik6 LouisOstenrik

To view more of his work, go to http://lovisostenrik.com