Mike Worrall’s surreal, dreamlike paintings

As a child, Mike Worrall was always intrigued by the paintings that introduced a mystery element to them to draw in the viewer. Since then, Worrall creates paintings that follow that similar direction. He wants to keep the viewer guessing and wondering about what might be the actual message of each painting. In order for a painting to retain a lasting interest to it, Mike Worrall believes that there has to be some mystery behind it. He doesn’t believe in explaining his entire enigma to each person. Instead, a lot is left up to the viewer’s interpretation about what a expression or specific element might mean to them. Each of his surrealist paintings do just that. Each one has a strange element featured that isn’t in a realistic setting. This added element provides both interest and intrigue to make the viewer keep guessing. It also provides a dreamlike quality to these large oil paintings. His use of color and detail in each of the paintings help add to the overall intrigue and surrealism.

the_lost_narrative_sml exit_from_the garden_of_different_meaning_sml disparnumerophobia_sml

To view more of Mike Worrall’s work, go to http://www.mikeworrall.com/index.html