Julio Le Parc: Between Experimentation and Research

Galería RGR, Mexico City, presents a solo exhibition of Julio Le Parc from September 22 through November 12, 2022. The exhibition includes new and seminal works across two-dimensional and three-dimensional pieces, showcasing the artist’s dedication to experimentation and research. It marks Julio Le Parc’s debut in a commercial gallery exhibition in Mexico.

Through his work, Le Parc sought the development and exploration of abstract visual languages. In Between Experimentation and Research, curated by Daniel Montero Fayad, five influential series Alchimie (1988 – 2022), Surface-Couleur (1959 – 2022), Continuels-Mobils (1960 – 2022), Lumière (1959 – 2022), and Déplacement (1963 – 2022) are on view. They study Le Parc’s experimentation with light and color relationships across complex canvas compositions and acrylic mobiles. In recent works, such as Alchimie 499 (2022), Le Parc continues his work into chromatic shapes, dots, and lines, interrogating color relationships, shown here alongside his signature suspended pieces of steel and plexiglass. Viewed together at Galería RGR, each series reveals the exploration of light fields, movement, and perception, which combine to formalize Le Parc’s status as a leading experimental artist and foreground the impact of his practice on the development of contemporary art.

Montero Fayad writes, “Much more than any geometrism, kineticism, or abstractionism, Le Parc’s work operates as a technological device by relating objects, spaces, and subjects in a specific moment of perception. He demonstrates that art, as technology, is located between the social and the individual, the local and the global, space and time, the singular and the multiple, the visual and the corporeal, and between the artist and the spectator. Suspending the viewer’s sense of identity, the experience of the works emphasizes the relational logic it seeks to produce.”

Ricardo Gonzalez, Founder and Artistic Director of Galería RGR, comments, “To host such an important international contemporary artist for his first gallery show in Mexico City is an honor; across new and seminal works, we look forward to showcasing the artist’s important legacy to local and international audiences.

The exhibition will be accompanied by a catalogue written by Daniel Montero Fayad.