millo air: Revolutionary Tech for Healthy Lifestyle and The Future of Sustainable Cooking

millo air quite literally removed the motor from a blender.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle usually comes at a great financial and psychological cost. We live in an age where unhealthy food products are deceivingly masked as nutritionally wholesome, sugar, fat, or gluten-free. The world is obsessed with fast food fixes, food delivery services, and others alike. Being healthy should not be that complicated. Meet millo, a revolutionary start-up, claiming that you can improve your health in just a minute.

With millo air blender you just need to put your favorite ingredients into the cup, select a blending preset and have your drink silky smooth in less than a minute. Then quickly rinse the open profile blending lid under the tap (millo guarantees it will take less than 10 secs) and reuse.

The highlight feature of the new millo blender is the magnetic air drive, which the founders have nicknamed MAD. It’s a patented technology that Adam invented a few years back when he was developing their first product Millo One. It’s redefining the very essence of how a blender works, the founder says. millo air is run by a powerful magnetic field generator, so there is no physical connection between the blender base and the blender lid. Because of this revolutionary tech, a blender now can be used in places never imagined before – in the office, gym, beach or even mount Everest.

Weighing only 3 lbs it’s light enough to be taken anywhere, being only 65 dB(a) it’s so silent that you can use it while others are asleep and so smart that Mashable called it the iPhone of blenders. Millo replaced everything that makes traditional blenders ugly and adapted the millo air to the modern consumer.

Company’s vision for the future – universal sustainable kitchen!

millo air blender is the first application of Magnetic Air Drive innovation in the kitchen. The company sees this technology as the first step towards the universal sustainable kitchen – where a single drive can be used for many appliances. millo hopes to release many accessories in the years to come, all compatible with the same base, and eventually have this technology integrated into the standard home induction stovetop. The company is already working on a conical burr coffee grinder, with hopes to develop a food processor, baby food mixer, juicer and many more products.

Since it’s first Kickstarter in 2016, millo have won numerous design awards and even to have caught the attention of the biggest tech giant in the industry such as Philips. Most impressively of all, it received an Amazon award for one of Top 20 best innovations of 2021.

According to the founder Adam, millo was born out of the frustration experienced by nearly everybody making smoothies.” Smoothie makers are incredibly noisy and washing them is a major pain. Surprisingly enough I got inspiration for millo when I was watching my little daughter play with her spinning toy. I was so captivated to see that the doll was not run by a motor, but spinning magnetically…  From this, the roots of millo were born.”.