Camila França & Trine Garrett in front of the Rose Lipman Building © Luca Migliore

Meet the women behind Foreign Affairs – a micro theatre company that brings internationally acclaimed plays to basements, shopfronts and community halls in Hackney

‘A great window on the world for the UK theatre’– David Spencer, playwright

Foreign Affairs is a micro theatre company with an adventurous spirit, run by the creative duo Camila França and Trine Garrett. Their work focuses on theatre in translation, intercultural exchange and collaboration, and performance in unconventional spaces. Or, in other words – they bring theatre from around the world to local communities.

The theatre company is launching a season jam-packed with theatre in translation that celebrates international exchange and collaboration.

In partnership with Flanders Literature and the Diplomatic Representation of Flanders, Foreign Affairs is for the first time in its history hosting a ‘language specific’ industry showcase on Friday 4 November introducing four thrilling plays from Flanders. In addition to staged readings of scenes, the event will include a panel discussion as well as the opportunity to meet the playwrights.

Also announced for this autumn, is a production of acclaimed Flemish play The Wetsuitman by Freek Mariën, translated by David McKay from Wednesday 2 – Sunday 13 November at the Rose Lipman Building. Based on a true story, the play will be presented as a promenade performance that echoes a journey that begins in Norway, travels through Europe and ends in Syria with a discovery: the devastating truth of one family’s loss.

To round off its Autumn/Winter season, Foreign Affairs is hosting its biennial Theatre Translation Showcase on Wednesday 25 & Thursday 26 January 2023. Introducing the work of acclaimed playwrights from Norway, Hungary, Italy and Mexico to English-speaking audiences, the showcase is the culmination of the fifth edition of Foreign Affairs Theatre Translator Mentorship.

Upcoming events:

Spotlight on Playwriting from Flanders (industry event)

Friday 4 November 2022

Uproar by Freek Mariën
Unisono/Platina by Abke Haring
Vanish Beach by DE HOE collective
Sartre & de Beauvoir by Stefaan Van Brabandt

The Wetsuitman (production)

Wednesday 2 – Sunday 13 November 2022

Translation Showcase

Wednesday 25 & Thursday 26 January 2023

We Are Warriors by Monica Isakstuen, translated by Lise Lærdal Bryn
Suburban Miracles by Gabriele Di Luca, translated by Marco Young
Firefly Love by Alejandro Ricaño, translated by Tonya Walton
With me on her lap by Zsófia Znajkay, translated by Veronika Haacker-Lukacs