Distortion of motion: James Bullough’s paintings

American-born James Bullough is an artist that creates realistic paintings with a touch of graphics to add emphasis. He was first inspired by the urban graffiti that he grew up around in Washington D.C. With oil paints, ink and spray paint, James Bullough uses juxtaposition and contrasting elements for each of his paintings. In his newest series, ‘Breaking Point’, Bullough shows the juxtaposition with his distorted images. While each of the figures represented in the paintings are disjointed through their motion, but the overall image is rather complete to the viewer. Bullough explores the human psyche and connection with the mind and body during this new series.


‘Breaking Point’ features different dancers that James Bullough worked with in Berlin, Germany. Each image shows the bodies captured in motion as the dancers are moving through certain dance positions. By fragmenting the paintings, Bullough captures the motion of each of the dancers as they travel across the canvas. The disjointed figures seek to challenge the viewer and understand the emotion that inspires each of the models for the paintings. Featuring dancers as the models for his work adds an energy to the entire series. There is no lack of emotion or motion across each of the different paintings. Bullough uses brush, canvas and the wood flooring from a Berlin dance studio to capture each of the moments of movement from the dancers.

StepIntoNeverSeeItComing Good-Hurt_28x37inches Colide_24x28inches

To view more of the artists’ work, go to http://jamesbullough.com