Shoreditch Based Businesses Brave Foods Partner With Local Tiktok Talent London By Kseniia

What happens when the worlds of TikTok trends and one of London’s small businesses collide? That’s what Funding Circle, the UK’s largest small business platform wanted to discover after research of 1,100 SMEs revealed that 84% know marketing is crucial, yet over a fifth (21%) don’t do any marketing at all*.

To help turbocharge and tell their stories in new and inspiring ways, Funding Circle paired four SME customers, including two London businesses with some of the UK’s most inventive and quirky creators on TikTok. The result is a suite of amazing hero content which includes festive sing-alongs and a cereal-based meet and eat with a superfood CEO. All the TikTok clips run for no more than 30 seconds, the same time it takes for an SME to take the first step in discovering if they qualify for financing from Funding Circle, thanks to its superfast online application.

Unveiling the magic that happens when two worlds collide, local Shoreditch business BRAVE Foods was partnered with innovative TikTok stars London by Kseniia, together creating a 30-second TikTok that highlighted the personality and products behind the brand and Kseniia enjoying a healthy revamp of everyone’s favourite meal/snack. ad Let me introduce you to London’s coolest cereal brand!🥣🥛The small business that makes healthy on-the go snacks that are perfect when exploring London!📸🎒 Packed with protein and fibre @bravefoods cereal is also the future of breakfast!☀️ #LondonSMEs #Food #Snacks #FundingCircle #BraveFoods ♬ Tastegood – Official Sound Studio

The other unlikely pairings included:

  • A quirky music-centric London café titled Music & Beans, paired with indie artist and TikTok content creator Alto Key Music
  • A traditional Leeds, French bakery called Pany Chaud, paired with local foodie and TikTok content creator Eat with Fizza
  • A Yorkshire-based dog-friendly café and spa called Kibble Bakery, paired with transformation coach and feel-good TikTok content creator Magnus Davies

Offering tips on how to embrace social media as part of your business, London talent and TikTok star AltoKey Musicshares five dos and don’ts to selling your business in unexpected ways:

  • Make sure to leave comments and other call to actions on within all videos to encourage conversations on your channel
  • Use trending sounds to attract more of an audience
  • Utilise features to boost your videos to a targeted audience
  • Be consistent with your posting schedule
  • Decide on a niche for your content and stick with it

Funding Circle provides small businesses with support that goes way beyond investment. The TikTok and SME collaboration is one example of how small businesses are being inspired to think differently in a challenging economic climate.

Alexander Allen, Managing Director at Funding Circle said, “Starting and running a small business is extremely challenging and marketing often gets neglected or becomes an afterthought. Even if an SME is born from ambition and hard work, not everyone is equipped with the time or support to attract new customers and drive growth. TikTok is just one example of new and compelling ways SMEs can reach new audiences and customers by showcasing their people, passion, and products.

“These unlikely content collaborations and tips from TikTok creators can inspire other small businesses both in London and across the nation to think differently about self-promotion. It can be easily done with personality, wit, and charm, without breaking the bank and provides a return of investment that gives a competitive edge”.