Nalini Malani: My Reality is Different

Artist Nalini Malani began her vision of seeing art in new forms in 2020. It opened in the National Gallery in 2023, shortly after opening at the Holburne Museum in October 2022.

The exhibition is a collection of 25 animations drawn on an iPad. The animations overlap, creating a continuous loop projected over nine video projections. The exhibition submerges the viewer into Malani’s vision of seeing the art world through her reality.


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Malani is the first artist to receive the National Gallery’s Contemporary Fellowship. The Fellowship allows international artists to display their works in exhibitions at the National Gallery and Bath’s Holburne Museum.

According to, Malani creates immersive installations that use her signature “shadow plays.”

“Her artworks focus on themes of transnational politics, the ramifications of globalization, and the critical examination of gender roles.”

The artist took her inspiration from paintings in the National Gallery and the Holburne Museum. Malani is a prominent individual that focuses on humans and certain conflicts that give voice to women. Her chosen artworks show characters that were marginalized by history.

Malani’s exhibition is free in the Sunley Room at the National Gallery until the 11th of June, 2023.