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Things to do in Shoreditch

In London, Shoreditch is known as the hub for artists and creatives. Shoreditch has many street arts, unique culinary ideas, and fabulous restaurants and bars.

Look at Shoreditch’s collection of street art


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Shoreditch’s collection of street art is very popular. Locals and tourists often walk through the town to admire many murals and street installations. Art is around every corner, whether it decorates an entire house, shop, or street.

Shop along Spitalfields Market

While Old Spitalfields Market is considered to be in the town of Spitalfields, it is right on the border between the two towns. The market is packed with people, unique shops, and food. There is something to look at and buy on every corner.

Taste fizzy cocktails in Shoreditch’s unique bars

Credit: Kobby Mendez on Unsplash

Shoreditch has some extremely unique bars. There is a little bit of something for everyone, from speakeasy bars to pubs, even just as amazing options of dry bars to try in between cocktails.

Unique experiences in Shoreditch

There are many unique experiences available in Shoreditch. Activities vary from elaborately themed escape rooms to an adult ball-pit bar and comedy skit shows.