“The Show After the Show” Dining Experience

Sarastro is a Turkish cuisine restaurant located inside a Victorian building. It is known for its “The Show After a Show” dining experience.

The owner of Sarastro’s, Richard Niazi, loves food, wine, and opera. The restaurant was initially opened in August of 1996 and has provided its signature “Show after the Show” dining experience since.

This unique restaurant is a must-see. The venue, inside and out, is covered in rich colors, floral decorations, and stunning stained glass. The theatrical aesthetic inside the restaurant is inspired by Mozart’s opera, “The Magic Flute.”

Sarastro has many musical events happening every night. Currently, there are musical events such as Swing and Motown, Latin, the 70s and 80s, and opera and a string quartet. In addition, every Sunday, there is a live opera performance.

Their menu consists of delicious Turkish cuisine. Some items range from Kuzu Incik to Chicken Kul Basti.

Sarastro’s is located in Covent Gardens near the heart of the West End. It is a popular venue for a new experience within the heart of London itself.