Credit: Lysander Yuen on unsplash

Colombia Road Flower Market

Colombia Road is one of London’s famous streets. It is known for the Colombia Road Flower Market, bustling with shoppers and fragrant and beautiful flowers every week.

The market is open every Sunday. Traders and shoppers alike can peruse and shop the flower stalls from 8 a.m. to roughly 3 p.m.

Colombia Road Flower Market is open all year round. Their look changes every season. In the Spring, herbs and spring flowers are available, and during Christmas, there are many Christmas Trees.

According to, the market began on a Saturday selling various goods. However, with the growing Jewish population, changing the market to a Sunday market was established. Eventually, the market turned into a flower market because many locals had gardens to sell their goods from.

While the market is known for selling flowers and the like, there are many other shops. The market has sixty shops located on and around Colombia Market. The independent shops sell items like fashion, food and drink, antiques, and cupcake shops.

The market is located in London in Tower Hamlets. It can be walked to various stations and the Regents Canal walk.