‘A Brush With Comedy’ Comes To Sky Arts

A Brush With Comedy is an insightful new feature length documentary that examines the connection between art and comedy.

Featuring the comedians Spencer Jones, Simon Munnery, Bec Hill, Miriam Elia and Jim Moir (AKA Vic Reeves) the film explores the connection between comedy and art and the inner conflicts that lie within.  It’s a personal and authored debut by filmmaker Louis Moir, who explores his relationship with his dad, Jim Moir, through his creative output.

As Jim comments in the film, “I see all creative outlets as one. Comedy, art. It’s all the same to me. This documentary unmasks the connection between the two.”

Australian comic who Bec Hill features in the documentary struggled with the idea of being called an artist. “This film caught me in the middle of an identity crisis. I honestly felt like my inclusion would detract from the credibility of the entire projects. But thanks to this experience, I’ve realised that an artist is still an artist, even if they don’t believe it, or refuse to accept it. The only difference is the freedom they allow themselves once they do.”

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Spencer Jones, who was similarly anxious added, “I loved working on this. Even if I do feel a bit of a fraud when it comes to art. Having said that, some lovely film crew people came round my house and filmed me and my family for a couple of days, one of my teenage comedy heroes drew a picture of me, and some of my art got hung in a gallery (made me very shy). It really is mad how life can turn out, isn’t it?”

Visual artist and satirist Miriam Elia, who features in the documentary with her two sons stated, “The absurdly comic is at the heart of every serious visual artwork that I create. It’s great to finally demonstrate that through this documentary.”

Executive producer and Managing Director of Studio-POW Perry Trevers, comments, “I am delighted that A Brush With Comedy has found a home on Sky Arts. I hope that watching these talented comedians baring their artistic soul will inspire others to discover the artist that exists in all of us.”

A Brush With Comedy premieres on Sky Arts on Wednesday 19 April at 10pm.