TOZI’s Ten year Anniversary celebrations

This Summer, TOZI restaurant is celebrating its 10th Anniversary with ten weeks of exclusive menus, seasonal specials and tasting events, topped off with a big birthday party.

For ten weeks across June and July, guests can enjoy a new 10-strong negroni menu and 10 wine events celebrating truly special regions and styles to mark this exciting milestone. 

The first of their Wine Tales at TOZI series takes place on 7th June and is led by General Manage Stefano Meloni. Two very special guests Michele Bozza from La Montina & Luca Dusi from Passione Vino, will join Stefano to host an unforgettable exploration of exquisite wines from Franciacorta paired with devious cicchetti dishes prepared by TOZI Head Chef, Maurilio Molten which is set to be an enchanting night of conversation, indulgence, and celebration. 

TOZI, meaning “group of friends” in colloquial Venetian, embodies the essence of Italian warmth within a stylish and modern setting. For the past ten years, Head Chef Maurilio Molteni, who hails from North-west Italy, has used his knowledgeable and progressive approach to Italian food, flavours from his hometown as well as inspiration from across Italy, to create a menu of authentic cicchetti style plates and pasta. 

Today, ten years on, having navigated both the pandemic and rising costs, TOZI, with passion, belief and hard work at its heart, remains one of London’s most well- loved restaurants.