Rising American Singer Klay Cartier RELEASES ‘Good For Nothin’’ Single

Emerging US-born vocalist Klay Cartier released his new single, ‘Good For Nothin’’, on the 25th of July via Kult Klassic Studios. The cross-genre single earned early support from tastemaker CLASH Magazine and Music Crowns, and it was produced by Caleb In Venice. It follows Klay’s recently released record ‘Don’t Wake Me’. Along the way, the Midwest artist has gained support from numerous tastemaker publications, including NOTION Magazine, WordPlay Magazine, The Pit London, CLOUT, A&R Factory, and more. Influenced by Drake, Michael Jackson, Jeff Buckley, and Stevie Wonder, he creates music in the lane of Childish Gambino, Cimo Fränkel, and Frank Ocean. Stick around to witness the rise of another young superstar. 

Based in Kansas City, Missouri, born in East St. Louis, Illinois, USA, Klay Cartier was raised in music by his mother who exposed him to a diversity of genres, an education that would later manifest in his own work. Though technically a singer, Klay Cartier is more of a feeling than an artist. Those goosebumps you feel when you hear a really good song? That is Klay Cartier! An artist who shifted from taking himself too seriously to having fun with his music, sharing personal stories that the audience can relate to. And for Klay, that’s the beauty of music: strangers making melodies, creating harmonies, and telling stories that captivate listeners. With a soft smooth voice, he delivers passionate music, telling a story with every note, verse, and key.

Set to the squelch of the distorted bass, live hi-hats cut through the crisp edge of Klay Cartier’s emotive voice. The gentle nature of his delivery juxtaposes the intensity of the sizzling percussive storm. Tightly compressed, the kick and snare underscore his every word, words that express seductive darkness and introduce us to the universe of Klay Cartier.