Image credit: David Gregory Schmidt

Dreamy Electronic Producer BLVMENKIND releases ‘On My Own’ (feat. Tom Wavy)

BLVMENKIND released his new single, ‘On My Own’, featuring Tom Wavy on the 22nd of September via Paradise Lost.

The Swiss native, currently based in Rüti, released his first official single ‘Dream With You’ featuring Sam Darton back in 2017. An immediate success, it gained over 10 million listeners on Spotify, YouTube and Soundcloud. 

Born in 1998, Gabriel Brönnimann, BLVMENKIND, was thrust into music at an early age. At seven, his mother tragically passed away. To overcome the loss, he began making music, eventually picking up the Cello a few years later. But, after locating demo software for music production online, he switched to electronic production. He was deeply Inspired by the likes of Flume, Jai Paul, M83, Pink Floyd, Frank Ocean, Mura Masa, Dr. Dre and many more, eventually opening up his production style to a variety of genres, combining Electronica, Hip-Hop, Pop, Classical music and experimental sound design to create something fresh and unique. Something he could call his own.

BLVMENKIND had this to say: ‘On My Own’ is a song that I created quite early in the album production cycle in 2018. Back then, it only was a rough demo of a piano melody and a drum and bass loop. It stuck with me because the melody is very melancholic and lonesome but still has an optimistic feeling to it, which very well presented the situation I was in at that point of life but still is relatable today”.

On My Own’ is a stunning blend of Drum and Bass and Pop. The sultry vocals of Tom Wavy give the track plenty of emotion and substance, while beautiful melancholic chords and sporadic effects create an incredibly lush sonic atmosphere. Contrasted by the in-your-face DnB drums, the song steadily builds and builds, as the lyrics tell a story of loneliness, grief, and a love-lost. Waiting for the storm to pass, waiting for the sun to shine again, the clouds eventually part for the final break as the track goes full DnB, exploding into life with a massive wobbling bang. It’s intricate, and incredibly well produced, locked and loaded with emotion.