Electronic Maestro Hologramme releases new album SOLEDAD opus 32 no.1

Enigmatic and versatile Canadian producer and arranger Hologramme returns to grace us with a new album titled, SOLEDAD opus 32 no.1, and released on the 29th of September 2023 via his own imprint Société Holographique de Montréal. Having garnered over 5.2 million streams across all platforms, Hologramme has also appeared at the likes of Piknic Electronik (Montreal), and Timeless Festival in South Africa, alongside heavyweights such as Royksopp and Tycho, as well as Montreal Jazz Fest in 2022 where he headlined to over 3000+ attendees. In addition to this, he’s toured in support of the likes of Fakear and Mome,  and is currently showing no signs of slowing down. The focus track ‘Unfold’ has already picked up significant momentum, with its addition to the Spotify Editorial Playlist, “Brain Food”, as well as premiering on mixmag magazine.

Defined by a constant search for love in//// all things, Hologramme’s music translates into unique dreamlike and cinematic soundscapes, utilizing warm synths, intricate textures and deep basslines. Having had a fairly musical upbringing, pushed into piano by his parents, he left for Berlin in 2018, embarking on an inspirational excursion to the world’s electronic music capital. Here, Clément buried himself in the studio, eventually emerging as Hologramme, with his debut album ‘Felicity’ in hand.

Since then, Hologramme has cemented himself as a truly pioneering producer capable of blending orchestral and cinematic elements with gritty electronic production. The arrival of his 3rd album solidifies this fact. SOLEDAD opus 32 no.1 is a definitive statement in artistic expression for Hologramme as he explores a phantasmical world of colorful melodies and progressions. Introspective and experimental, there are a myriad of influences at play here, from breakbeat, to classical music and even deep house. 

SOLEDAD opus 32 no.1 is a deep-dive into the conceptual mind of Hologramme, one where each track shines in its own way to paint a bigger picture of what the album represents. With something for everyone, it’s a record capable of receiving love across the spectrum: whether you’re a classical, jazz, or downtempo electronic fan. Swimming in bubbling synths, abound in luscious strings, each track exudes a certain calmness while still maintaining a fairly high-energy as songs blend seamlessly together. One thing is for certain, SOLEDAD opus 32 no.1 is immune to fillers. It’s a record where each track deserves your utmost attention. 

The main single ‘Unfold’ is nothing short of a kaleidoscopic adventure. Starting slowly and building over lush and emotive pads, there’s a fluttering arpeggio that takes center stage, before giving way to drum-machines and more intricate pad progressions. ‘Unfold’, as the name implies, builds and blossoms, eventually unfolding into a beautiful electronic crescendo with a club ready beat and bass.

SOLEDAD opus 32 no.1 Tracklist:

  1. ADAGIO no.1
  2. Ori Aa
  3. Slow
  4. Aphrodite 
  5. Candide 
  6. 32 
  7. ADAGIO no.2 
  8. Soledad 
  9. Higher 
  10. Flora
  11. Ruins 
  12. prelude & fugue 
  13. Unfold 
  14. ADAGIO no.3