Electronic Producer Das Mörtal drops fresh album ‘BURY THE SORROW’

Electronic synthwave producer Das Mörtal returns with a new album, BURY THE SORROW, released on the 13th of October via Lisbon Lux Records. Now part of the world’s leading Synthwave producers, the enigmatic artist is forging his own sound and aesthetic. BURY THE SORROW marks a new direction in Das Mörtal’s music making process. Unlike previously released works that were inspired by imaginary narratives, the album deals with themes of mental struggles, pressure and other troubles brought up by the quarantine. It’s personal and relatable, an expression of his emotions and thoughts. The worldwide pandemic not only shaped the overall themes of the album, but can also be heard in the individual tracks themselves that constantly change directions. From techno to trap music with hints of dark trip-hop, you can hear the unstable mindset in which the album was created while still retaining the occult electro & techno aesthetic that Das Mörtal has come to be known for. 

Das Mörtal began his journey in Berlin, inspired by artists such as Steve Moore and Aphex Twin. The producer focuses on a dark and nostalgic sound, skillfully blending genres from Techno to horror and sci-fi film soundtracks. With several EPs and albums released, he has appeared at numerous major festivals such as Osheaga, Transmusicales de Rennes, FME, and Meg Festival, while opening on tours for the likes of Vitalic, Perturbator, Gesaffelstein and Carpenter Brut. On stage, he has racked up nearly 100 shows since 2015, including more than 70 dates in the U.S. and Europe (UK, France, Scandinavia).

His music has been praised by heavyweight industry webzines CLASH Magazine, KALTBLUT Magazine, METAL Magazine, Run The Trap, Canadian Beats, MetalSucks, Cult MTL, Le Canal Auditif, Ottawa Life Magazine, DIFFUS Magazine, VOLT Magazine, and Brutal Resonance to name a few. All the while, his music earned Most Added New Release on the American college radio chart Top 200 NACC, and received spins on CJSW Radio. With over 20 million streams on Spotify alone, Das Mörtal has also received media and radio support in a dozen countries, as well as on several influential pages on YouTube such as NewRetroWave.  

The focus track, NOSHAME is dripping in nostalgia and drive. Washed out 80’s synth stabs punctuate the start of the track, before giving way to a trademark 4×4 synthwave beat and infectious guitar lick that carries the track forward. Abundant in lush chords and soundscapes, Das Mörtal sings about breaking free from one’s own self-image and insecurities. It’s the type of track you play while speeding down a highway late at night, engrossed in thought.

All of this is artistically complemented by visualizers created by the artist Guillaume Vallée and album artwork provided by the returning Marie Bergeron. The wavy lines in the background of the cover might remind you of Joy Division’s ‘UNKNOWN PLEASURES’, a premonition of the sorrowful tones the listener will experience.The central orb recalls the moment Neo-Tokyo exploded in Katsuhiro Otomo’s masterpiece AKIRA, and just like its main antagonist Tetsuo, Das Mörtal’s mind was plagued with thoughts, constantly on the brink of imploding.