Los Cabos Partners With Santo Remedio On A Collaborative Menu That Transports Diners To The Baja California Destination

Celebrate the unique gastronomy of Mexican destination Los Cabos with a limited edition menu designed by Chef Patron Edson Diaz-Fuentes at his critically acclaimed and authentic London Mexican restaurants Santo Remedio from 6th November – 19th November 2023.

Located in the state of Baja California Sur, Los Cabos is Mexico’s fastest-growing destination. Surrounded by beaches, desert and mountains, and with an abundance of fertile land, Los Cabos has quickly emerged as a superstar in the culinary world. However, most Brits are not familiar with the region’s cuisine and the menu is designed to showcase and educate diners on some of the innovative and traditional dishes found in the region.

Los Cabos is one of the biggest farm-to-table destinations globally and is the number one organic producer in the whole of Mexico. The destination prides itself on growing and cultivating all its own produce to create remarkable dining experiences, which will inspire Diaz-Fuentes’ limited-edition menu at his Michelin-guide restaurants Santo Remedio in London Bridge and Shoreditch.

Bringing Los Cabos to you, Mexican born Chef Patron and Author Edson Diaz-Fuentes, will collaborate with four renowned Los Cabos chefs: Angel Carbajal, award-winning chef owner and mastermind behind Japanese, Mexican fusion restaurant, Nicksan; pioneer of Baja California cuisine and owner of multiple restaurants including Animalón, Javier Plascencia; Edgar Román, chef and owner of contemporary Mexican restaurant, Don Sanchez; and César Pita, a culinary expert that loves cooking over flames and owner of restaurant Lumbre, on a dedicated menu filled with dishes associated with the destination, a first for the UK to experience.

Baja Med is a style of food that has become prominent within the area, fusing Mexican, Mediterranean, and Asian influences as well as celebrating local ingredients. Los Cabos also has seafood found nowhere else in the world, namely Totoaba – a white fish signature to the area – and ‘Chocolate Clams’, the largest clams on Mexico’s west coast and a staple of Baja California cuisine.

Managing Director of Los Cabos Tourism Board Rodrigo Esponda comments, “Los Cabos and Santo Remedio invite UK guests on a culinary and sensory adventure to learn about gastronomic specialities from our unique destination.

“We are proud to work with London Chef Patron Edson Diaz-Fuentes and excited to experience the limited-edition menu that he is creating with four critically acclaimed Chefs from Los Cabos. This will be an entirely new experience for a UK audience, and we hope that the menu will transport guests to our unique and vibrant region of sea, mountains and desert, with its unique melting pot of culinary tradition and innovation.”

Guests can expect locally inspired tacos, to innovative dishes such as prawn, machaca and mango ceviche.

Edson Diaz Fuentes, Chef Patron of Santo Remedio says, “I am hugely excited to bring a sense of Los Cabos to my restaurants, along with some of the most talented chefs from this unique destination.

“The region’s wild meat, amazing seafood, organic vegetables, and local dairy producers are a dream for any chef. From the simplicity of a fish taco and raw seafood – ceviches, aquachiles, tiraditos – to the complexity of flavours once grilled, the dishes will be full of taste, new herbs, spices and aromas that express a new and diverse taste of Mexican cuisine and culture.”

Drawing on Edson’s cooking that takes inspiration from the food he grew up eating in Mexico, at his grandmother’s table, its markets and street stalls, and from his time travelling all over Mexico, including Los Cabos; the collaborative menu will weave in traditional and local ingredients from dishes that each chef uses in their respective restaurants.

The Los Cabos Menu will be available at both the Santo Remedio London Bridge restaurant and Shoreditch café between 6th November – 19th November.

The menu will showcase Los Cabos’ dishes that cannot be found anywhere else in London, with each dish telling a story linking to the culture, tradition, and landscape of Los Cabos – awakening all the senses of London diners and allowing guests to experience a true taste of this fascinating destination.