Introducing jAGA’s nootropic sodas and wellness shots

jAGA is a newly launched female-founded wellness brand, on a mission to redefine the world of nootropic and health drinks, with its range of exceptional alcohol-free sparkling drinks and wellness shots which can help personalise wellbeing journeys.

With research showing 40% of adults are actively trying to moderate their alcohol consumption, and with nearly a quarter opting for alcohol-free drinks to “take a temporary break from drinking”, jAGA is offering a quality solution for those looking to reduce their alcohol intake, without reducing the fun that’s traditionally associated with it.

Born from a passion for health, and driven by the desire to offer something different, jAGA’s all-natural range cleverly combines mouthwatering sparkling water with ancient and healing mushroom medicines and nootropics, for the ultimate great-tasting beverage.  Sourced from only natural ingredients, with no added sugar, the drinks aim to help you feel more energised, less stressed and simply, more like you!

jAGA’s journey began with founder Lisa Jefferies, who nurtured a passion for health and wellbeing to discover the real power food and drink can have on both your body and mind. After embracing a sober lifestyle, Lisa became increasingly frustrated with the lack of exciting, non-alcoholic options available and as a result, embarked on a quest to offer a real alternative to the usual sugar-loaded mocktails and soft drinks.

In 2020, Lisa opened ‘brunch and beats’ café jAGA, in Market Harborough, where she delighted guests with her superfood juices, shots, coffees and smoothies. After seeing phenomenal success and demand, Lisa was inspired to share jAGA with the world.

Fast forward to today, Lisa and the jAGA team are leading the way in providing a delicious, yet functional, alternative to alcoholic drinks – allowing everyone to sit back, unwind and stay cool, calm and collected, one sip at a time.

jAGA Sodas

RRP from £20 (8 x cans)

jAGA sodas are a range of refreshingly light sparkling drinks that are powered by a calming and uplifting blend of adaptogenic Reishi and Cordyceps mushrooms, along with Ashwagandha, Magnesium, L’Tryptophan and L’Theanine.

Available in a 330ml, 100% recyclable can, each beverage is caffeine free, vegan and gluten-free friendly.

The range flavours include Pomelo and Passionfruit, Mixed Berry, Mexican Lime & Mint and Watermelon. 

jAGA Shots

RRP from £20 (10 x bottles)

jAGA shots are a range of functional and delicious wellness shot drinks, in a handy on-the-go 60ml bottle.

Each shot is made with an energising blend of premium, natural ingredients, designed to be your own personal health kit, whether you need a pick-me-up or a wind-down.

  • jAGA Awake: Made using a single shot of cold brew espresso, combined with MCT and L’Theanine to boost cognitive function and energy levels. Your go-to for a boost of fuel for both the mind and body.
  • jAGA Energise: Made to reduce inflammation and help boost immune system. A fiery, throat-soothing combination of ginger, turmeric and with a hint of black pepper to aid absorption and enhance anti-bacterial properties. It packs a punch! Your go-to shot to help rid a cold and give a boost of energy.
  • jAGA Detox: Made to help cleanse and support your digestive system, combining activated charcoal with ashwagandha, milk thistle, apple and lemon. Your go-to shot to help ease bloating and indigestion.
  • jAGA Collagen: Made with beneficial ingredients that can help aid gut health, improve appearance of skin and help boost immunity. An energising blend of berries, collagen and lemon. Your go-to shot for a boost of beauty in a bottle.
  • jAGA Calm: Made with ingredients to help create balance and tranquillity in your mind and body. Your go-to shot to bring a touch of zen to your day.

All sodas and shots are available via the jAGA website,

To see more, visit @jagadrinks on Instagram