Photo by Leah Kelley / Pexels

The Five Best Parks To Escape To In London

London is a concrete jungle, where many people get lost thanks to the stresses of everyday life, the pressures of work, and the current cost of living crisis. It’s a difficult time for many to be living in the city, and it’s having a deep impact on many people’s mental health.

The likes of depression, anxiety and addiction are all on the rise in the city, with many drug and alcohol treatment centres in Surrey, Essex and surrounding areas seeing more and more people come through their doors.

Green space is vitally important, with natural landscapes proven to have a calming effect on people, encouraged by many professionals in rehab centres and beyond to get out and try to ease stress.

While London is a ‘concrete jungle’ there are also green sanctuaries nestled between the skyscrapers. So, if you’re feeling stressed and in London, here are five of the best parks to escape to…

Hyde Park

Of course, we have to start with Hyde Park. Outside of Central Park it’s probably the most famous in the world and is awash with natural splendour. With over 350 acres to explore, you can enjoy everything from a game of football to a row around the Serpentine, completely escaping the hustle and bustle of city life.

What’s more, the likes of Kensington Gardens and St James’s Park are also within a stone’s throw of the park, allowing you to get lost all day. During the summer months many people escape the office to there on lunch, basking in the sun and forgetting about their day for a little while.

Regent’s Park

Another park right in the heart of London, Regent’s Park has beautifully landscaped gardens with some stunning flower displays. With over 12,000 roses, it’s an oasis of calm, while like Hyde Park you can also truly escape on the boating lake. 

It’s the home of London Zoo, which is perhaps a little less tranquil, but if you are an animal lover it can also be a sanctuary of peace during the quieter afternoons.

Richmond Park

Following the river west, Richmond Park is a little out of town but a brilliant escape. At 2,500 acres, it’s the largest of London’s Royal Parks and is well known for its diverse wildlife and beautiful fauna. Deer are a big part of Richmond Park, and it can be incredibly relaxing watching them roam around the park.

A big hit with cyclists, it’s also ideal for getting in a little bit of exercise, whether it be on the bike or enjoying the Saturday morning Parkrun at the destination.

Greenwich Park

A park with plenty of history, Greenwich Park is a magnificently peaceful walk that allows you to visit the Prime Meridian of the world. The Royal Observatory is also here, while the park itself is another Royal Park.

The hilltop is the best spot, offering some incredible panoramic views of London, putting into perspective the sheer size of the city. It’s a great spot for reflection and relaxation, which many people use each and every day.

Hampstead Heath

Similarly, the views from Hampstead Heath offer the same offering of reflection. Located in north London, Parliament Hill offers a stunning viewpoint of London, which many locals stop at on their daily walk. 

Hampstead Heath also has a number of ponds which locals do a spot of wild swimming in, a trend which is being enjoyed by thousands presently in a bid to ease the likes of stress and anxiety.