Where to find the best bubble tea shops in London

Looking for the best bubbletea spots in the capital? Check out our latest guide below on where to find the tastiest options around!

Love it or hate it, bubbletea is having a moment and this delicious drink from Asia is becoming a huge hit with Londoners and beyond!

There are so many fabulous stores across the city that serve bubbletea and it can be hard to know which one to visit first, so to help you out, Made In Shoreditch have complied a list of our fave five and we know you are going to love them!


Charing Cross, Holborn, Croydon

Pürcha is Made In Shoreditch’s all time favourite spot for a sip of bubble tea and not only that, but Taiwan fried chicken too, what’s not to love?!

Pürcha serves delicious drinks that are brewed fresh to order and is the only bubbletea brand to use purified mineral water in its process. Alongside the bubbletea offering, Pürcha also offers mouthwatering Taiwanese Fried Chicken which can be seasoned to your liking with flavours such as Salt & Pepper and Plum.

For those not sure what to choose, Pürcha have a simplified ‘top 4’ menu which gives the three most popular fruit tea, bubble milk Tea and latte options. Customers can also pick their percentage of ice and sugar that’s added to their drink to make the experience extra personalised.

Every Pürcha order is made with freshly brewed tea, with tea leaves out on display for your choosing and high-tech brewing machines that brew your tea in front of you, you can be sure that your drink is never pre-made or stored in large urns. Highlights of the menu include the mouthwatering Mango Roasted Oolong Tea and the vibrant and unusual Purple Sweet Potato Latte.



Without a doubt, you’ll find some of the best bubble tea in Chinatown at Cuppacha. You’ll find everything from milk teas to fruit teas and textured juices here.

If you’re new to bubble tea, stick with a classic like the Cuppacha milk tea. What’s great about Cuppacha is you can order your tea online, customise your order and simply pick it up – no need for panic ordering at the till.


Various locations

Bubbleology is easily one of the best bubble tea bars in London – especially if you’re a newbie looking to dip your toes in the boba world. They only use 100% organic tea leaves and are one of the few tea bars certified by the Soil Association.

Their drinks menu features milk teas, fruit teas, and “fruit fizz.” Each drink comes with tapioca, although we recommend sticking with a classic fruit tea and opting for your popping boba of choice.

It’s also one of the few places that serve alcoholic bubble tea in London – their alcoholic boba beverages include classics like a Pina Colada.

Xing Fu Tang


For the best Taiwanese bubble tea in London, check out Xing Fu Tang. In English, Xing Fu Tang means “pure happiness store,” and there couldn’t be a better way to describe their drinks – this cafe boasts some of the best boba tea in Chinatown.

Xing Fu Tang hails from Taiwan and uses age-old techniques to create the perfect bubble tea. One of these methods includes stir-frying brown sugar in a wok by hand for their tea.

For the most authentic bubble tea London has to offer, try their signature Brown Sugar Boba Milk made from tapioca pearls, caramelised brown sugar, and organic creamy milk foam.

Happy Lemon


For the best bubble tea in Chinatown, London, make your way to Happy Lemon. It’s another global franchise with stores across the world, though their menu includes teas, lemon milk tea, cream crown milk tea, and plenty more.

Their menu also includes speciality drinks like a Red Bean Matcha Latte. For something to snack on, they serve mini-cheesecakes that are to die for.