Crafting the ultimate office party for your team

As the workplace embraces hybrid working, creating the right vibe and keeping team members engaged is more important than ever. Since 2019, we’ve witnessed over 60% growth in work parties among high street banks or newly established startups. However, planning an event can become costly due to expenses such as venues, event planners, and experiences that may not excite employees. We’ve picked out the coolest and most unique party experiences at Poptop events marketplace. They’re easy to book and will leave your team having an extraordinary party.

Check out this list to create the ultimate party experience for teams, which are looking to try something a bit different—something that will give them plenty to talk about!

Street food from around the World

Forget the canapes or sandwiches – we need something extra! Street food is ideal for a team lunch or an after work party. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of extremely cool street food chefs in London and we’ve partnered with some of the best you can book now!

Ronnie’s Traditional Pie & Mash from a black cab

Taxi…Taxi…No, not that kind of taxi. It’s Ronnie and his traditional London black cab that serves the British staple that is pie and mash. Give the office a proper cockney experience with Ronnie.

Authentic American Street Food from Philly Philly

It’s time for something from our cousins across the pond. Philly Philly are offering their take on the Philadelphia delicacy – the Philly Cheesesteak! Perfectly tendered ribeye beef steak, carmelised onions, covered in melted cheese and wrapped up in a soft brioche bun. Food any office will go crazy for.

Traditional venezuelan street food from Pabellón

How about something a bit different? Something truly unique? The team at Palleón brings the taste of Venezuela…think delicious rice bowls and arepa (traditional Venezuean cornbread) filled with a choice of slow cooked beef, chicken or black beans and salad. Sounds incredible, right?

Immersive mobile bar experiences

Thursday “beers” are a thing of the past when you’ve got cocktail bar experiences like these:

Mad Hatters Bar

Jump down the rabbit hole and into wonderland in this extraordinary mobile bar experience. This mobile bar certainly knows how to throw a party that’s a little crazy!

The Garrison Bar

Step into the Garrison Bar and tell the bartender your troubles. Inspired by the Peaky Blinders, this experience will make your office think that they’ve been transported to a speakeasy alongside the gangs of Birmingham.

Studio 54 disco bar

Who in the office can cut the best moves on the dance floor? Find out in this disco inspires mobile bar experience. It’s time to get your team, jivin’!

Next level entertainment 

Beyond food and drinks – we have some next level entertainment too!

Immersive Murder mystery party

It’s elementary, my dear Watson. It was Dave from accounting. It’s time to sharpen those detective skills because a murder has been committed! Find out who did it in this exhilarating murder mystery experience.

360 photo booth

What’s better than a good old photo booth? A one that’s able to capture every angle. Check out this incredible 360 photo booth. Those instagram pictures are never gonna look better than this!

Absolutely outstanding caricaturist!

Graeme from Grohs art presents his incredible talent in a unique and distinctive way. Caricatures that just seem the right amount of weird. These will be a sure fire hit with any team.

Dance the night away with DJ Mynx

Turn up the music and let DJ Mynx set the stage for an unforgettable night of dancing, crafting the ultimate party playlist tailored just for your team. Because no party is complete without great music.

Opportunities like this are a great way to bring remote teams together, boost morale and have a great time!

Boost your team’s success! Have fun doing it! You can explore all party experiences at Poptop website.