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10 Best Places For Students to Visit in the UK

Most students know the UK as the home of two world-famous and oldest universities: Oxford and Cambridge. Many dream of entering and studying at these places, steeped in history and bursting with picturesque landscapes.


Cambridge and Oxford have a lot to see and learn, but these cities aren’t only about universities. As a student, you can’t help but investigate and admire their late Gothic architecture and medieval city centers. More than that, you can’t limit yourself to seeing these two. The UK offers many places worth visiting by students; below, you’ll find some astonishing and inspiring ones to write about in your future college essays.

1. Oxford

Credit: Lina Kivaka / Pexels

Start with Oxford, even if you’re not a student of its world-famous university. The city is beautiful, combining the grand architecture, the vibe of traditional English countryside, and numerous river-based activities. Academic experts of, many of whom come from the olden University of Oxford, also recommend visiting the Bodleian Library (the oldest one in Europe) and trying wild swimming in the Thames.

2. Edinburgh

Scotland’s capital city can wow you with its medieval Old Town, which has a UNESCO World Heritage classification, numerous art galleries, lovely gardens, and bars to get a proper taste of the high profile Scottish whisky. Edinburgh is a must-visit for Harry Potter fans who are willing to see the place where J.K. Rowling wrote her novels (The Elephant House café) and the landmarks from her books. Places you can’t miss when in the city include Edinburgh Castle and the Royal Mile, with St Giles’ Cathedral and the Edinburgh Museum.

3. Glencoe

This valley in the Scottish Highlands offers a breathtaking view of dramatic mountains and rocky peaks while riding the finest road in this country. (James Bond’s fans won’t miss Glen Etive here, a picturesque stretch featured in Skyfall.) When in Glencoe, try hiking to the Three Sisters Viewpoint to see the best views and visit Clachaig Inn, Scotland’s historic and most atmospheric pub.

4. Lake District

Located in northwest England, this national park is among the most popular vacation destinations in the UK, which is well-deserved. The Lake District has the finest mountain scenery to enjoy nature: Ribbon lakes among craggy hills and rivers coursing through valleys. This place inspired many English poets and painters. (Students might hear of William Wordsworth, who lived there at the beginning of the 19th century.) It would be a sin to miss this natural beauty when you’re in the country. Several market towns are nearby, so you’ll explore the area and surroundings at their finest.

5. London


The capital is the most popular (and evident) place to visit in the UK, but it still hides a few secrets that can surprise you. Hidden historic nooks and neighborhood markets harmonize with world-class art galleries and Buckingham Palace. Many museums are free of charge (British Museum, for example), and tours of the House of Parliament and Westminster Abbey are worth taking even if you get bored with politics.

6. Cambridge

Cambridge is more than a student town with a rich academic background and strict professors verifying student writings’ authorship via a gpt detector. Regarded as one of the best cities in England, this picturesque place can boast world-class museums, beautiful green spaces, and vibrant culture. When in Cambridge, visit St John’s College (pay attention to its library), listen to evensong at the King’s College Chapel, and ride in a long boat — a traditional pastime of college students in this fascinating city.

7. York

York is a charming city to see in the north of England. The blend of architectural styles — Viking settlements, Georgian townhouses, Roman walls — is exciting to explore, learning a rich English history and admitting its diversity. When in York, walk through its medieval center to see the grand city walls and visit one of the most famous cathedrals, York Minster. You might also like Museum Gardens: A picnic beside the ruined abbey is a unique experience. So why not give it a try?

8. The Cotswolds

Welcome to the southwest of England, an area of outstanding natural beauty and traditional rural charm. Here is a different side of the UK: hilly woodlands, honey-hued villages, and sheep herds. The Cotswolds is the area of rolling countryside where you get lost in time and see the prettiest villages, Castle Comb and Upper & Lower Slaughter. The best way to experience this place is a circular walk through it (remember Sudeley Castle!), ending in a traditional English pub.

9. Bath

Bath is a visitor-friendly city and a must-visit in the UK. Known for ancient baths built by Romans, this city has the only natural thermal springs in the country. Bath is compact, with cafes, galleries, and many regular festivals you’ll enjoy in the city. Visit the Roman Baths with their historic terrace, look at Bath Abbey, and take advantage of the Royal Crescent with its Georgian townhouses.

10. Gower Peninsula

This place in the UK is perfect for those who love seaside and beach vacations. The Gower Peninsula is a coastline in southwest Wales where you can admire hidden beaches, scenic hiking trails, and towering rocks. The most popular spot here is Rhossili Bay Beach, voted one of the best in the UK. You can walk over to see Worm’s Head, a dramatic promontory, or spend a day lazing on the sand. Don’t forget about the Blue Pool: It’s a natural rock pool on the beach that can impress even the pickiest travelers.

Ready to Go?

It’s better to see once than hear twice, do you agree? Now that you have so many beautiful places for students to visit in the UK, please don’t limit yourself to the most evident only. The UK is a diverse country with a rich history and culture, ready to open its secrets to those who want.