The Date Escape: New rescue service for dates gone wrong launches this Valentine’s Day in Shoreditch

Individuals looking for a swift exit mid-date simply need to send an SOS message to ‘The Date Escape’.

Awkward silences, cringe jokes or just mind-numbingly dull conversations, any seasoned dater will know that first dates can be a catastrophe. And possibly the worst part of it all is seeing the rendezvous through to its bitter end. This Valentine’s Day The Kraken Rum is inviting people to cast aside such politeness and choose to gleefully – and nosily – throw in the towel with its unique ‘Date Escape’ service.

Whether it’s the energy-sapping chat or a dreaded case of catfish, those looking for an immediate out from their date simply need to send an SOS message to The Kraken with their name, location and ideal extraction time. Within mere minutes, a striking Kraken motorbike rider will roar to the rescue, providing the ultimate statement exit.

The Kraken riders will then transport all date escapers to The Bike Shed bar in London. There, in the safety of The Beast’s den, escapees will be able to enjoy free Kraken Rum cocktails for the remainder of the night – and maybe even meet the actual love of their life.

‘The Date Escape’ will be operating as a limited service in central London for one night on February 14thfrom 5pm to 10pm. And the service isn’t just available for those looking to bail on a horribly mismatched date. If it’s a couple that’s just received the worst meal of their lives, or someone that was stood up before their date began, The Date Escape offers sanctuary from the misery of any Valentine’s plans gone south.

What’s more, for those that already suspect their Valentine’s Day dates will be a travesty, a limited number of Date Escape spots are available to pre-book ahead of the evening. For more information head to: