Credit: Elizabeth Okoh

Multi-disciplinary Artist, Elizabeth Okoh In Partnership With Okoh’s Boudoir Launches ‘Women On The Frontlines’ Exhibition

Elizabeth Okoh proudly presents Women on The Frontlines, a photography exhibition celebrating the unsung heroines of the pandemic. Bringing together ten women who worked in essential industries ranging from the NHS to funeral services, it explores their mental, emotional, and physical realities during the COVID-19 pandemic. In a forlorn and traumatic time for many, these women went out every day and did their jobs – despite the risks, pressures and overwhelm.

The exhibition invites viewers to pay reverence to these women and many others around the country – while they’re alive –  who significantly contributed to society during the pandemic and to learn from their experiences for the future.

Credit: Elizabeth Okoh

The exhibition is available at Buckle Street Studios by Locke from Saturday 2nd March to Sunday 31st March and is supported by Okoh’s Boudoir.

“It’s been four years since the first national lockdown, and COVID-19 remains one of our most significant global events – The Marker of a Generation. All over the world, women are raised in societies that call us first to serve others and, in the workplace, it’s no different. From glass ceilings to unpaid childcare and household work – the so-called “second shift” – we juggle it all, including the pressures of ever-changing beauty standards.  So while I’m unable to solve all the ills of the world, what I’m able to do is use my work to empower women and marginalised communities – bringing to light their stories and experiences. With Women on the Frontlines, I’m giving these women and others like them their flowers while they’re alive and I implore you to do the same with the women in your life.” says Elizabeth Okoh, Author, Creative Director and Photographer. 

Curator, Rele James says: “In Women on the Frontlines, Photographer and Author, Elizabeth Okoh turns her hand to photojournalism capturing the resilience and strength of female key workers in the UK, amidst the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. Through her lens and interviews, she illuminates the vital roles these women play in sustaining essential services, often at great personal sacrifice. Okoh’s poignant portrayal goes beyond the surface, delving into the complexities of their experiences, shedding light on the toll on mental health and the remarkable resilience they demonstrate. This exhibition serves as a tribute to these unsung heroes, offering a profound reflection on their unwavering commitment, indomitable spirit, and the profound impact of their dedication to society.”

Visitors to the Women on the Frontlines exhibition are welcome to attend a variety of events during the month-long exhibition:

  • Being a Woman on The Frontlines Panel Discussion Hosted by Yasmine Patpatia  (Wednesday 6 March, 6.30 PM – 9 PM)

Creative Coach, Yasmine Patpatia, will host an interactive discussion with a panel of leading women from different industries who work on the frontlines. They will discuss their career paths as modern women working in essential industries, as well as their mental health and life experiences. A guided tour of the exhibition will follow this panel discussion. 

  • The Business of Photography Masterclass: Self-funding a Project with Elizabeth Okoh  (Wednesday 20 March, 7 PM – 8.30 PM)

Elizabeth Okoh is a portrait and conceptual photographer with over six years in the photography industry. In this masterclass, Elizabeth Okoh will share her invaluable knowledge in growing a six-figure business to live a fulfilled life and to fund passion projects. Topics of the day will include how to efficiently calculate your cost of doing business, creating for profit, IPS, and building business relationships and partnerships. 

Credit: Elizabeth Okoh