KSHMR Releases Self-Penned, Personal, and Powerful Single “Happy”

Los Angeles-based Indian-American artist KSHMR returns with his newest single, “Happy,” for which he teamed up with Finnish singer and songwriter Tiina to bring life to the powerful lyrics he penned himself. The resulting record is a complex sonic and emotive journey through the process of trauma, alchemizing to power and peace, combining Tiina‘s soulful vocals with dark, powerful chords and fast-paced, globally influenced melodies. True to his form, KSHMR once again creates a seamless production that leaves a lasting impression, and it’s obvious that his original lyrics to “Happy” are written from personal experience. He’s also currently on his North American tour, which includes a unique double show in Los Angeles, and is preparing for his mainstage performance at Ultra Music Festival, where fans can be sure to get to hear “Happy” live. Read on for quotes from the artists themselves about the new release:

I was excited to get back in the studio with Tiina after making ‘Do Bad Well‘ with her years ago. This time, I started us off with some chords in the Phrygian, which is darker and unusual for most dance songs. She began to sing melodies, and the song blossomed from there. The lyrics are about being numbed by trauma and emerging with a twisted sense of zen. I was very happy we could fit that interesting musicality and subject matter into a dance song.” – KSHMR

To me, the song is about using hard times as fuel and a source of power to get where you wanna go, even if you get lost on the way there. Also, there are always people who are ready to tear you down if you let them, and sometimes you just have to smile through it and not give them the satisfaction of seeing you crumble.” – Tiina


Niles Hollowell-Dhar is a globally acclaimed artist who originally began in hip-hop and moved into pop music with the 2010 global smash “Like A G6.” From there, he transitioned into dance music, producing tracks like the 2013 hit “Tsunami.” Next, he launched his own artist project, KSHMR, and took the scene by storm with 10 Beatport #1, such as “Wildcard” and KSHMR‘s most streamed hit to date – “Secrets“‘ with Tiësto. After releasing his debut album “Harmonica Andromeda,” he firmly cemented his reputation as one of the most dynamic and diverse acts in global electronic music, gaining DJ Mag‘s prestigious “Best Live Act” award. As a pioneer and music enthusiast who values creative freedom, he created his Dharma Worldwide label in 2017 and, subsequently, Dharma Studio in 2020, where producers can find his tutorials and sound packs. His sound pack series “Sounds of KSHMR” is among the most used in modern music, and his latest release, “Sounds of KSHMR” Vol. 4′ debuted as the #1 pack on Splice and has remained in the Top 10 since. In 2023 we saw KSHMR release his eagerly anticipated collaboration with MC Stan “Haath Varthi,” taken from his album “KARAM,” which dropped in November 2023 and featured the biggest artists in Indian hip-hop.


Tiina (Tiina Vainikainen) is an award-winning singer-songwriter from Finland. She is one of the most successful Finnish songwriters of recent years, with dozens of gold and platinum records, nominations, and an honorary award for Songwriter of the Year for her extensive successful catalog and work in the Finnish music industry. On top of dominating the Finnish charts, Tiina has also written songs for artists around the world. Some of her most successful work includes the British rapper KSI‘s single “Killa Killa” (feat. AiyanaLee), which hit the charts in the UK, the Austrian singer Thorsteinn Einarsson‘s single “Shackles,” The Knocks‘ single “Bedroom Eyes” (feat. Studio Killers) and KSHMR‘s single “Do Bad Well” (feat. Nevve). Tiina also worked on KSHMR‘s album “KARAM” with the song “Dream,” which makes the new single “Happy” the third collaboration between the two artists. Currently, the singer-songwriter is splitting her time between Helsinki and Los Angeles, working on different projects from pop and dance to alternative. She’s also doing collaborations as an artist, expressing herself through not only her pen but also her voice.

Forthcoming dates of KSHMR’s North America Club Tour: (Tickets)

Mar 08 – Academy – Los Angeles, CA
Mar 09 – The Vermont Hollywood – Los Angeles, CA
Mar 15 – New City Gas – Montreal, QC
Mar 16 – Harrah’s Resort – Atlantic City, NJ
Mar 29 – NOTO – Houston, TX
Mar 30 – Great Hall at Avant Gardner – Brooklyn, NY
Apr 05 – The Church Nightclub – Denver, CO