Positive East Presents: Rays of Resistance – A night celebrating the historic intersection between art and HIV activism

Join Positive East, a leading East London charity supporting people living with HIV, for Rays of Resistance, a powerful fundraising event celebrating art, activism, and hope. This unforgettable evening will be held at the historic Shoreditch Town Hall and will explore the enduring role of the arts in the fight against HIV stigma, fostering a sense of community and a vision for a brighter future.

Join us on Friday, May 24th, 2024, for a dazzling display of music, dance, and spoken word performances. Witness how seminal artworks from the past tackled stigma and promoted belonging, while powerful voices of today ignite hope and inspire action.

The dazzling line-up includes:

  • ROY INC (Presenter)
  • Voguerites
  • Tom Rasmussen
  • HIV Voices
  • Victoria Park Singers
  • DJ Terry T-REX
  • Pam Hogg

In addition to the live performances, experience a journey through a history of resistance with:

    • A slideshow of archival photographs from Bishopsgate Institute
    • A curated selection of photographs from ‘The Ward’ by Gideon Mendel
  • Panels from the AIDS Memorial Quilt
  • Readings of excerpts from Essex Hemphill poetry

Tickets are £25, with 100% of proceeds directly supporting Positive East’s Advice Service. This vital service provides people living with HIV access to secure, safe, and stable housing – a cornerstone of well-being for people living with HIV. 

Ticket link: www.positiveeast.org.uk/raysofresistance/ 

Why Do People Living With HIV Need an Advice Service?

According to Public Health England’s 2020 National Survey of People Living with HIV, 53% of people living with HIV struggle to meet their basic needs, with 13% never having enough money for essentials.  Women and people from ethnic minority backgrounds are disproportionately affected by poverty when living with HIV. Additionally, people living with HIV are three times more likely to be unemployed and face unstable housing.

Positive East’s Advice Service works to address these critical challenges.  They offer guidance on:

  • Welfare benefits
  • Housing issues
  • Employment rights
  • Practical support to access healthcare and other essential services.

By supporting Positive East’s Advice Service, and attending this event, you’re helping ensure people living with HIV have the resources they need to live safe, healthy, and fulfilling lives.

Join the party, raise your voice, and shine a light on a brighter future!