Philip Colbert to raise funds for the Italian Red Cross with AS Roma support

The dynamic partnership between renowned artist Philip Colbert and football powerhouse AS Roma continues to make waves as they join forces to raise funds for the Italian Red Cross.

Since November 2023, Colbert’s Lobster has infused the city of Rome with energy through his collaboration with AS Roma. During the first team match against Udinese at Stadio Olimpico, Colbert’s distinctive lobster-inspired design adorned the players’ starting kit, adding a playful twist to the game. Alongside AS Roma’s beloved mascot, Romolo, a lobster mascot sporting the team’s colours entertained fans on the sidelines, further cementing the fusion of art and football.

In addition to on-field activations, Colbert unveiled a sculpture and a series of collectable works featuring his iconic lobster donning the Roma kit, exhibited in the stadium’s hospitality area. Exclusive merchandise, including T-shirts and a hoodie, delighted fans, while a towering 12-meter-high lobster inflatable welcomed visitors at the stadium entrance, setting the stage for an unforgettable experience.

Charity Auction

Philip Colbert is proud to present a charity auction with the support of AS Roma to benefit the Italian Red Cross. Colbert and AS Roma superstars Leonardo Spinazzola, Paulo Dybala, Leandro Paredes, and Stephan El Shaarawy have collaborated for the first time to co-create a unique painting, which will be auctioned in May 2024. Colbert began the artwork in his studio, while the players added the finishing touches by kicking a football at paint-filled balloons on the canvas at the AS Roma training centre. The culmination of their collaboration will be celebrated next month, when the painting will be on view at Mucciaccia Gallery, Rome.

Art meets Football

Mucciaccia Gallery, which now represents Philip Colbert in Italy, is delighted to unite with the artist to help raise funds for the Italian Red Cross. The exhibition will open to the public in the gallery’s premises in Rome, Largo della Fontanella Borghese 89, from May 11th, until the silent auction, which will take place on May 15th at 6pm. Simon de Pury, one of the art world’s leading figures, who will be overseeing the auction, said, “Football and art are two of my four or five favourite things in life. Italy has always been the epitome of all of them. It is therefore no surprise that the AS Roma would create a link between them.”

It isn’t just about acquiring a remarkable piece of artwork; it’s about making a meaningful impact.

All proceeds from the Colbert auction will be donated to the Italian Red Cross, a venerable institution dedicated to ending violence against women. With these vital funds, the Italian Red Cross will fortify its efforts in existing anti-violence centres, providing essential support and refuge to survivors. The funds will also aid in establishing new centres, expanding the network of safe havens for those seeking refuge from abuse.

This collaboration between Philip Colbert, AS Roma and the Italian Red Cross represents a powerful union of art and football. By merging Colbert’s lobster with the passion of the players and supporters of AS Roma, the collaboration not only enriches the cultural landscape of Rome but also underscores a collective commitment to addressing pressing social issues. The positive impact these efforts will have on the Roman community exemplifies the transformative potential of this collaboration in driving meaningful change and creating a safer, more equitable world for all.

For more information visit Mucciaccia Gallery