Photo by Dmitry Zvolskiy / Pexels

Top Benefits of Going Abroad for A Hair Transplant

Gentlemen (and some ladies), are you fed up with looking in your mirror after brushing your hair to see that your hairline is moving back? Or are you simply fed up with having more hair coming out on your brush?

Unless you have an outstanding wig, you may be looking for a more permanent solution to hair loss. In 2024, the most long-lasting option is to undertake a hair transplant. 

A quick search may show that to have this treatment in your local area is expensive, which can be off putting. So, is it worth going abroad to undertake it?

In a word, yes, and here, many of the other key benefits (and reasons) to travel abroad to have a hair transplant will be looked at.

Shorter Recovery Time

A Turkey hair transplant cost is fractional compared to the cost of treatment in most other countries. However, this is not the only bonus! It is an unfair assumption that countries like Turkey will offer dodgy surgical options, and in fact, due to an increase in medical tourism to these places, you can now expect a shorter recovery time with this treatment. Many people who head to ACIBADEM Beauty Center for a hair transplant are able to return home a week to two weeks after the procedure, which includes all of the post-operative care. So, you can take a quick trip abroad, and you will come back with a head of hair. It’s ideal!

Wider Range of Methods

Similarly, when it comes to going abroad to have these procedures performed, you will still have your choice relating to which method you have. 

In Turkey, there are three types of hair transplant surgery. The first and most common is the follicular unit extraction (or FUE). The second is direct hair implantation (or DHI), and the third is follicular unit transplantation (or FUT). These all sound technical, but don’t worry! Hair transplant surgeons in Turkey are skilled and will discuss which choice may be the best hair transplant in Turkey option for you.

Wide Range of Prices

When looking at the prices of hair transplants in Turkey, you need to be a bit wary. If a price is too good to be true, it usually is!

Practice caution and be sure to ask before you book about aftercare, as well as what else is included in the price of the treatment. Don’t jump for the cheapest options just to save a few pennies, as this can lead to a lot of issues post-transplant. Generally, though, the costs of the treatment are lower, and you should take full advantage of that! One more thing: make sure the clinic where you have the transplant is fully and medically registered!

It Could Be a Holiday!

The last benefit is that you can combine this treatment with a holiday. Indeed, as you will need to stay near the clinic to have the treatment performed, you can spend your spare time post-treatment looking at local sites or sunning yourself on a hotel patio. So, why not combine health care with a holiday and make the most of your time abroad? It will be worth it!