Credit: Made in Shoreditch Magazine

SXSW Further Enforces the Appeal of Living in Shoreditch with its First European Edition Arriving Next Year

Shoreditch’s legend as London’s trendiest location has spread beyond these shores. Now, even those putting on massive cultural and entertainment festivals in the United States know of Shoreditch’s stature. As such, the mighty South by Southwest festival, also known as SXSW, is coming to Shoreditch.

What makes this such a momentous move is that it will be SXSW’s inaugural European festival. Usually held in Austin, Texas, the music, technology, and film festival will be coming to London in June 2025. Managing director Randel Bryan says that the festival will be “calling into every single drop” of the area’s energy and creativity.

For Shoreditch, it marks yet another epic addition to the London area. Already a coveted corner of the capital, the arrival of SXSW will only bolster Shoreditch’s standing and increase its desirability as a place to live.

Shoreditch status as London’s trendiest hotspot great for residents

Shoreditch seems to keep going from strength to strength as one of London’s best places to live and visit. It’s in a very desirable location anyway. It’s a mere 30 minutes on the tube from Central London proper and the National Gallery. On top of this, there are all of the attractions, top-class restaurants, and events that come to the area. All of this combined has helped to propel property prices sky-high, leading to many people renting.

By default, looking for housing in Shoreditch tends to bring up rent options. It’s big business, but that might change soon. The way that regulations have changed have made being a landlord less profitable. So, many landlords are looking into selling a property with tenants in it. This is possible to achieve. While the terms of the tenancy need to be adhered to, viewings can still take place, as can a sale. Selling to another landlord certainly helps the process.

Renting is very much the norm for Shoreditch now. Still, those who are landlords and permanent residents can cash in on the hefty house prices. It was found that the average price came in at £765,000 over the last 12 months. With the housing market heating up and even more major events coming to the area, that price will likely be higher this time next year.

Stacking up Shoreditch as the place to be

Shoreditch has been the trendiest neck of the capital for a while now. SXSW’s arrival in the summer next year will only enhance this. The origins of the area becoming so popular are said to begin with young artists flocking in during the 1990s. Now, local art and hipster trends are very much the norm. Even now, landlords try to make nearby graffiti a part of the selling point.

For those coming to the area, it’s more than being just about the art. Shoreditch has earned a reputation as one of the best locations for foodies in London. There are so many world-class restaurants here. There’s the highly-praised ten-course meals of Cycene. You can get a stunning view from the unique setting of Llama Inn. Casa do Frango adds the spice that everyone loves. Then, there’s the new Nancy Spain’s, which is an Irish pub.

Shoreditch flourishes as a trendy hotspot, and next summer, it’ll be packed with movie lovers.