UK’s first Paradox Museum opens in London in July

London welcomes UK’s first Paradox Museum – an experience designed to challenge perceptions and blow the mind.

Launching on 17th July, Paradox Museum London is a new must-visit entertainment venue designed to astound visitors of all ages with its mind-bending mental and visual illusions. Boasting over 50 exhibits and 25 immersive rooms, visitors can attempt to defy the odds of gravity in reverse rooms, unravel the mysteries of the paradoxical sofa, step inside a giant kaleidoscope and navigate the intricate twists of the mirror maze, with so much more on offer. Promising endless fun over the summer holidays and beyond, Paradox Museum is a thrilling new permanent addition to London’s burgeoning entertainment offering.

Located directly opposite Harrods and a five minute walk from Knightsbridge tube station, visitors are asked to leave reality at the door and expect the unexpected as they embark on a 90 minute-long journey into a paradoxical world. Highlights from the experience include the awe-inspiring Zero Gravity Room, where visitors can be seen roaming weightlessly like an astronaut, or disappearing into the walls of the Camouflage Room, where anyone can become the ultimate illusionist. The must visit Paradox Tunnel will challenge all perceptions, making the simplest task such as walking in a straight line, nearly impossible.

Founded in 2022 by Miltos Kambourides and Sakis Tanimanidis and with HQs in Athens, Zagreb and Miami – Paradox Museum has grown to become a globally recognised brand and a leading attraction in every city where it is located with over 1.5 million visitors worldwide. First opened in Oslo, the museums now operate all around the world with museums in Paris, Miami, Stockholm, Berlin, Barcelona, Las Vegas, New Jersey, Shanghai, and Limassol, with more to come.

As the UK’s first Paradox Museum, the London site will play host to a number of specially-themed rooms. The hugely popular Reverse Room will twist the familiar sight of a London tube station by flipping it upside down, creating the perfect gravity-defying picture moment for families and groups of all ages. Meanwhile, the captivating Throne Room invites guests to don crowns and take a seat upon its majestic throne, where perception bends and fellow visitors appear to shrink and grow. Finally, the shifting hallways of the Hogwarts-inspired Castle Room promise to play havoc on the mind, creating an enthralling puzzle of perception.

Combining the worlds of science, art, and psychology, Paradox Museum offers an entertaining and educational experience for families, inspiring children to question reality and open their minds to a world of infinite possibilities. With numerous mind-bending and ‘instagrammable’ backdrops to explore, the experience promises to create lasting memories and capture mind-blowing photos to share.

Tickets are available here through Fever, the leading entertainment discovery platform, and are priced at £14 for children, and £18.50 for adults.

Address: 90 Brompton Road, London, SW3 1ER, UK

Prices: £14 for children, and £18.50 for adults