Hotpod Yoga Shoreditch: Launching 26 June 2024

Hotpod Yoga Shoreditch is owned by Aussie-born Allie Athanasio, who moved to London in 2020 following a decade-long career as a model and actress. Having first discovered Hotpod Yoga at an International Women’s Day event hosted by the studio in London’s Belgravia, Allie went on to complete her teacher training through the Hotpod Yoga Teaching Academy in November 2023.

Almost 30,000 people currently attend Hotpod Yoga classes in London each year, a figure which looks set to continue rising as people seek out new ways to support their physical and mental wellbeing, and the exciting and innovative yoga business continues to broaden its offering. Hotpod Yoga recently launched its new Sleep Sessions class, created to give people the chance to find a moment of calm in their hectic schedules, while other recent new nationwide studio openings include Birmingham and Chesterfield. 

Nationally, Hotpod Yoga has seen 22% year on year growth when comparing Q1 2023 to Q1 2024; with 90,000 classes held every year, attended by almost 150,000 people. There have been 3.5 million attendances amongst 400,000 customers since the business was established in 2013, its original offering comprising a sell-out series of pop-up classes across London. 

Renowned for its immersive classes providing benefits that are many and varied, building mental and physical strength, and cementing positive habits for life, Hotpod Yoga turns up the dial on a typical yoga class. A warming 37-degree heat, tranquil music, calming scents, glowing lights and relaxing beats come together to provide a unique and sensorial experience, all set within their patented pod: a peaceful cocoon that will take you a million miles from the world outside, helping you to relax deeply into the practice and find calm. 

“Attending a Hotpod Yoga class was the first time I felt like I truly experienced the ‘switch off’ that everyone would shout about when it comes to practice,” says Allie. “I quite simply became addicted to Hotpod Yoga because I would step out of class and almost struggled to remember anything that was worrying me before I entered the pod. It’s a space for me to be myself, embrace my practice, and not worry about how I look in class. I feel more in tune with my body than ever before!”
Hotpod Yoga Shoreditch is in the heart of the area, in Arch 4, Rivington Street, next to Banksy’s original art within the protected graffiti alleyway.