Emerging artist Raquel Kiaraa unveils ‘Swim In Our Ocean’

Emerging pop powerhouse Raquel Kiaraa has unveiled her latest single, ‘Swim In Our Ocean’ on June 28th, 2024 via Sono Rak Corp. The track premiered and received praise from notable publication NOTION. Raquel’s rise has garnered attention from renowned publications like Billboard, Rolling Stone, Wonderland Magazine and CLASH Mag, establishing her as an innovative force in the ever-expanding world of pop music. Known for her powerful lyrics and emotive performances, Raquel’s work has garnered over 2 million streams across platforms and is a journey into the soul, blending raw honesty with imaginative storytelling.

Raquel’s musical journey is a testament to defying the odds and relentlessly pursuing passions. Learning to sing and play piano at 32 in 2018, the Hamilton, Ontario native transformed her dreams into reality by 2019, leading to sold-out performances and a flourishing music career. She tirelessly honed her craft and launched her debut album Defying Odds in 2021, all while embracing the role of motherhood. 

Raquel’s singles and music videos have earned global acclaim, with ‘Love to the Moon’ notably featured in European stores Natan (Belgium), McDonald’s (Switzerland), Shakeaway (UK), and Helly Hansen (Norway). Her sound is a hypnotic flavour of pop-rock that is sure to be enjoyed by fans of Gwen Stefani, Grace Potter, Olivia Rodrigo and Miley Cyrus. Her story, marked by bold decisions like running for political office in 2022 and the launch of an app slated for the second half of 2024, embodies the belief that one can achieve anything with hard work and perseverance. Through her music and actions, she leaves a lasting legacy of determination and empowerment, inspiring others to follow suit. 

‘Swim in Our Ocean’ is a power pop-rock anthem to unleash your imagination and grab life by the horns too. Raquel’s sensual, powerful vocals contain both the passion of soul and the defiance of rock and roll, while an upbeat instrumental arrangement of delicious rock guitars and clashing drums will have you up on your feet banging your head in no time.