A toast to the roasts of Munch & Co.

If, like me, you haven’t enjoyed a proper Sunday roast since you left the ‘nest’, and/or can’t be bothered to open a cook book (let alone cook), despair not; Munch Catering at the Red Lion in Hoxton Square may very well be the answer to our prayers.

Renowned for its plastic glasses, you’d be surprised to know that it serves some pretty fantastic food. One need only attend one of its massive Sunday roasts – which could well satiate the population of a small Eastern European city – to catch my drift.

With a huge variety of chicken, beef, and pork dishes, Munch Catering does not fail to deliver. All its roasts are served with exactly what you expect in the vegetable department, and come with an absolutely enormous Yorkshire pudding. You can taste the stark freshness of the vegetables, and the portions – as I alluded to earlier – are large enough for even the most ravenous of patrons. As well, despite being an occasion for meat-lovers, Munch also does a delicious nut and mushroom roast.

Their legendary Sunday roasts aside, Munch also serves burgers, fish and chips, and other tasty dinner options around the £6 mark. As well, it has recently introduced a new pizza menu, featuring the fabulous Goat’s Cheese Supreme (£6.50) – undoubtedly the menu’s highlight – and the fact that everything is made from scratch (yes, even the dough) makes the food even more enticing.
Run by a friendly chap named Neil, Munch Catering is a small company based in the Red Lion pub in Hoxton Square. At the essence of Munch, as Neil puts it, is ‘quality food at affordable prices’. I confess that I may harbour a slight bias (it’s right by my office), although if you don’t go there and give it a try, you’ll definitely be missing out. No pain, no gain.

It’s always comforting to know that Neil doesn’t serve your run-of-the-mill reheated microwave pub fare. Rather, he buys all his ingredients from local sources – albeit to the best of his abilities. Neil proudly buys his milk from the local milk man, picks up his meat on a daily basis from Smithfield Meat Market, and gets his vegetables from the local green grocer. And best of all, everything is handpicked by the man himself, so you can rest assured you’re getting the cream of the crop.

Munch Catering @ The Red Lion
41 Hoxton Street
N1 6NH


All dishes £5, except steak (£6.50)
3 Pizzas for £10
Three-Course Sunday Roast for £11