After our editor received two tickets to the opening of the Hoxton Pony basement some weeks ago and gave them to me, I had to struggle at the last minute to find someone to go with. Fortunately, Moni, a friend of mine agreed to meet me outside the place at 8:15, although it took her three whole cigarettes to make it. I’m a pretty punctual guy, and having arrived early, I was a bit peeved … but she’s a pretty bird, so I didn’t really complain. By 9, we were inside.

After being greeted by the reception, we headed down to the basement, and shown our table right in front of the DJ, where we would be able to soak in the disco lights, mirrored walls, stylish crowd, and of course, those irresistible beats. However, soon after to our dismay our waitress presented us with two teacups; I mean, we came here to party, not discuss last night’s episode Coronation Street. Alcohol, please!

After making our intentions clear, our friend for the evening brought an tank-like jug full of alcohol (so that’s what the teacups were for…), juice, and rose petals, which looked mighty fantastic. Hell, it even had a little tap so we could pour our own drinks! Forget about the startups in the Silicon Roundabout – that’s what I call innovation!

Apparently this jug was not simply filled to the brim with alcohol, but rather contained an exotic melange of exquisite ingredients. I don’t know why I even bothered to mention that, however, as all I can remember was that there was half a bottle’s worth of Bombay Sapphire in there. In any case, it tasted fab. It was mellow and mild, and I could taste hints of elderflower syrup in there. Needless to say, it didn’t take too long for us to finish that bad boy.

After drinking to our hearts’ content, we found ourselves on the dance floor, and were soon approached by the Pony’s general manager, Jon Calabrese. A lovely bloke, Jon came over and said hi, and we had a friendly chat. As well, he mentioned that the oft-mentioned jug was in fact patented, which added even more to its allure. And I thought I had my next business plan all mapped out.

What a night. Although everything there that night was superb, the jug ‘thingy’ alone is enough to lure me back for another ‘ride’ on the Pony.


The Hoxton Pony
104 – 108 Curtain Road
London EC2A 3AH