Paulo Pettigiani dropped a series of aerochrome photos visualising Central Park from a new angle. The main idea of his project was to highlight the majesty and the contrast of nature included in the famous Big Apple’s skyscrapers.

Paulo Pettigiani is Italian-born New York based Italian photographer and graphic designer. Having graduated from Visual Design and Communication” at Politecnico di Torino he sets his name way from the crowd by seeking extraordinary solutions.

Photographs taken in probably one of the most known parks in the world set the buzzing vibe of the City of New York on a side. In his images, Paulo shows central park from entirely different perspective. Out of the sudden it calm but he manages to keep the vivid sense of the place by using contrasting colours together.

He seeks inspiration in travels and by it discovering a new reality to places. He is finding the minimal side of objects and locations and shooting them from a new angle.

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Visit artist page to view more of his work http://www.paolopettigiani.com/