In todays world social media seems to be taking over, this brilliant infographic will take you through some of the most popular social media influencers. Firstly, gaming YouTuber’s such as PewDiePie growing to be extremely popular he is one of the most popular YouTube stars, who is making millions simply from just playing games. He has 56 million subscribers and a net worth of over £60 million. Entrepreneurs, motivational speakers and marketing agency gurus are among the wealthiest social media influencers around. For example, Jake Paul, a 20-year-old who started out in 2013 by posting videos on Vine, In January of 2017 he launched a new business called TeamDom, which is an influencer marketing and creative agency that specializes in the field of teen entertainment, Jake Paul, now has over 7.8 million subscribers on YouTube, he also has a net worth of over £4.8 million. Please see the rest of the infographic from video marketing agency, Red Pill for many greater facts on social media influencers and just how they have come into their wealth over the years.