A huge photograph of all the plastic used by Daniel Webb in an entire year will be unveiled to the public at Dreamland in Margate from Friday 30th March, the same day the amusement park re-opens for the season.

Following analysis, the collection was found to consist of around 4,500 pieces of plastic, of which 93% is single-use throwaway packaging, with only 4% of it being recycled in the UK.

Having laid out all of the plastic to the exact size of the billboard, the piece was photographed by Ollie Harrop using a 5m high by 6m wide rig and the items were captured at actual size. The final piece measures 13m wide by 4m tall, and such was the volume of plastic, it required 20 individual photos to be taken and then stitched together in post-production.

Daniel Webb said: “After the initial announcement, we had such a great response to the project. Around 20 volunteers came in to help me count, categorise and weigh the whole collection, and it was fair to say we were all overwhelmed with the results of that. I obviously ate a lot of crisps and chocolate in 2017… The stats we’ve gathered are certainly going to shock a lot of people, but hopefully it’ll help them to understand how much throwaway plastic we use in our daily lives.

“We can’t wait for people to see the image on display at Dreamland. It’s a colourful, abstract and beautiful representation of my life in 2017, yet it shows the extent of the problem of disposing of our plastic waste responsibly.”

‘Everyday Plastic’ will be on display at Dreamland until May 21st

Entry to Dreamland starts from £5.