Wooden garages have gained significant popularity across the United Kingdom as more and more homeowners opt to install such structures in or next to their houses. They use such buildings as storage space for your vehicles, among other purposes. Of course, there are many options available for construction when it comes to these wooden structures. However, the following guide highlights the benefits associated with putting up a wooden garage.

  1. Multiple Uses

Today’s garages are used for more than a safe keeps area for vehicles. It serves as a storage space for household and gardening equipment. The garage can also be used as a wooden shed for doing some DIY projects. For the more creative, purpose-driven homeowner, the garage can become a “man cave” or “she shed.”  Wooden garages offer an array of options when it comes to usage and thus will be a better choice compared to their concrete and metal counterparts. Visit quick-garden.co.uk for more details.

  1. Simple Foundation

When it comes to the installation of this type of structure, the benefits of saving time and money cannot be overstated. Putting up a wooden garage mostly requires a foundation made of a single concrete slab. This is different from the additional foundations needed when constructing a concrete or metal garage. Moreover, the concrete and metal garages will be a lot heavier than the wooden kind. The use of a single concrete slab ensures there is an even weight distribution on the ground that’s needed to support that of the car or other heavy machinery. With the heavier concrete and metal garages, the foundations also need to offer adequate support for the weights exerted by the walls while accounting for the items that will be placed on the floor surface.

  1. Authentic Style

Wood exudes an authentic rustic appeal that comes naturally, and that is another reason why people like using it when constructing their garages. The lumber is easy to paint over, repair, and even update as need be with time. That then results in lesser time and fewer costs related to doing routine maintenance. With metal garages, there is the issue of the paint peeling that translates to frequent new coats. Concrete, on the other hand, is trickier to paint. With the wooden garages, the amount of maintenance required annually to keep the structure looking authentic is minimal.

  1. Simple Installation

The construction of wooden garages is relatively straightforward compared to other material types. You can opt to take the DIY route, in which case you can purchase pre-made kits with installation instructions that make for a project you can complete over a weekend. You might not have it as easy when it comes to the metal and concrete sheds that have additional foundation requirements.

  1. Good Natural Insulator

Timber is a natural insulator; therefore, a wooden shed or garage will have an excellent natural capacity to regulate indoor temperatures. That is why such structures tend to be warmer compared to those made from concrete and metal. Punching hole into the walls of the garage for wiring purposes does not lower the insulation levels. With metal, the risk of corrosion and heat transference cannot be overlooked; moreover, drilling holes into the metal exasperates the problem. That is why it is easier to convert a wooden garage into a man cave, she shed, or a DIY workshop aside from using it to keep your car dry and your tools and equipment safe.

  1. Easy To Repair Or Replace Damaged Parts

Lastly, the ease of doing repairs replacements, and upgrades is another reason why wooden garages have gained such popularity throughout the UK. If the timber shows signs of rotting or any other form of damage, you can remove and replace the affected portion and restore the functionally of the structure with a short time and without incurring too many costs. The same cannot be said when it comes to mending a corroded or broken metal shed. The process is often too complicated and demanding.

Overall, if you take excellent care of your wooden garage, it can serve you for nearly 10 to 15 years without any issues. Consider using quality, pressure-treated timber when constructing your wooden shed or garage to enjoy the benefits of this type of structure for years to come.